What Makes Vitamin B6 So Important To The Body?

What are the benefits of Vitamin B6

Most nutritionists and dietitians usually agree to the fact that vitamin b6 is one of the most hardworking nutrients in the body. The saddest thing is that it is the most popular deficiencies of vitamins the diet. In fact, statistics show that a majority of adults across the world suffer from a deficiency of this vitamin with the women being the most affected.

How vitamin b6 works

Vitamin b6 is a vital nutrient required by the human body to sustain life. Primarily, this highly essential vitamin usually works as a ‘coenzyme’ and this means that it catalyzes other enzymes in the job so that they can undertake their job properly. Ranging from red blood cells to neurotransmitters and proteins, all these need this vitamin so that they can perform. In addition to this, this vitamin plays a very crucial role in metabolism process where food is changed into energy. Researchers have of late been reporting that vitamin b6 could also help in preventing and treating diseases even though these claims are yet to be proved. Also, together with vitamin b12 and folic acid, vitamin b6 also assists in reduction of homocysteine in the body, a compound with characteristics of an amino acid and has been found to be a leading cause of heart diseases.

Other crucial roles of vitamin b6Vitamin B Benefits

Besides the points highlighted here above, vitamin b6 is also responsible for undertaking a wide range of the roles in the human body. For instance, taking supplementation of this vitamin has been reported to assist in decreasing PMS symptoms in the body and can also provide great relief for women who are pregnant especially when it comes to addressing human sickness. Still, other research findings have also shown that the vitamin plays an essential role in treatment of depression and epilepsy since it helps in production of neurotransmitters like serotonin that most of these patients usually lack.

Something else worthy noting is the fact that vitamin b6 also plays a very crucial role in ensuring that the nerves stay in a healthy state. This is something that is of paramount importance to people suffering from diabetes since they face high risks of suffering from nerve disease induced by diabetes. In fact, when the disease is in its extreme condition, it can even result in the lower extremities being amputated. In addition people with carpal tunnel syndrome also need to maintain the health of their nerves and this is something that vitamin b6 can really help a lot besides, it has also been reported that the vitamin helps in preventing inflammation of nerves. For people with asthma, taking sufficient levels of vitamin b6 is of paramount importance since it helps in alleviating the symptoms of this disease. In fact, the vitamin also helps in reducing the intensity and frequency of asthma attacks as well.

Considering the great importance of vitamin b6 in the body, it is of paramount importance that you take foods containing this vitamin in adequate amounts so that you can avoid its deficiency.



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