Facts worth Knowing on Vitamin B

Facts worth Knowing on Vitamin B

Vitamin b is one of the most important types of vitamins that must be present in the body in adequate amounts in order to avoid various complications and health issues that result from its deficiency. To ensure that you are able to get the most out of this vitamin, there are a couple of things worthy knowing about vitamin b as described here below.

A mix of various vitamins

Ideally speaking, vitamin b doesn’t comprise of just one vitamin as such but this is a complex containing eight different and very important vitamins. This mix comprises of vitamins such as B1, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9 & B12. One thing you should keep in mind is that each of these b vitamins plays a very essential function in promoting the health of your body. The complex essentially works together to support the nervous and immune systems, skin, muscles and metabolism. According to health experts, vitamin b is also very important to enzymes charged with the responsibility of regulating chemical reactions that take place in the body.

Incredible health benefits

Working together with other vitamins and independently, vitamin b provides the body with a wide range of incredible health benefits. Most important, the vitamins help a lot in boosting metabolism, supporting the nervous system, enhancing immune function, fostering cell division and growth and ensuring that your muscle tissues and skin are healthy. There are also some research findings that have been reporting that the vitamin from food sources also helps a lot in providing protection against certain types of cancer like pancreatic cancer.

Eating vitamin b

Despite the great importance of vitamin b in the body, it is so unfortunate that most people are unable to supply their body with adequate amounts of this vitamin which is very serious. However, if you eat a well balanced diet, you are able to supply your body with the required level of the vitamin. It is important that your plate don’t lack fruits, vegetables and grains. Considering that vitamins are generally water soluble and are not stored in the body for long, it is important that you take adequate amounts of vitamin b in your meals on every day. People aged above 50 years and also those who are pregnant or planning to become pregnant should take supplementation of vitamin b in order to avoid suffering from its deficiency.






Best B Vitamins for Weight Loss

Best B Vitamins for Weight Loss Surgery Patients

Health practitioners usually advise people who go for weight loss surgery to use b vitamins in form of supplements to compliment their diets. Essentially speaking, these vitamins can be taken by monthly injections or sublingual tablet form. Most of the surgical procedures undertaken for weight loss have been found to hinder absorption of b vitamins by the body and this can cause deficiency. Moreover, these patients are advised to take a low calorie diet that is high in protein after bariatric surgery and this also compromises the ability of the body to absorb these very important vitamins. Here is a look at some of the most important b vitamins that you must not hesitate to take:

Vitamin B1- Thiamine

This b vitamin is found in large concentration in yeast and cereals are regarded as some of the best sources of Thiamine. Vitamin B1 helps in transformation of food to energy in the body and also contributes greatly to the functioning of the brain, heart and nerve cells. Thiamine is also available in good amounts in foods such as pork, sunflower seeds, fish, pasta and rice. Thiamine is absorbed in ileum and jejunum and weight loss surgery patients need to take thiamine supplements as the surgery compromises its absorption.

Riboflavin- Vitamin B2

You will find riboflavin in dairy products as well as eggs, lean meats, legumes, enriched breads, cereals and leafy greens. Besides playing a very crucial role in energy production, this vitamin also helps the body produce for red blood cells and boosts overall growth. Healthy persons usually excrete riboflavin constantly in their urine and this leads to high deficiency of this b vitamin in the body. Riboflavin deficiency comes with various symptoms such as red and cracked lips, tongue and mouth inflammation and even sore throat.

Niacin- Vitamin B3

Together with thiamine, vitamin B3 contributes greatly to helping the body convert food to energy. In addition, intake of niacin is recommended as it promotes normal growth, DNA synthesis and assists the nerves, digestive system and skin to stay health. You will find this b vitamin naturally in various foods such as poultry, lean meat as well as seafood. Also, most cereals and milk contain niacin in relatively high amounts as well.

Pyridoxine- vitamin B6

This is one of the most important b vitamins that weight loss surgery patients must take in form of supplements. This b vitamin helps the body to utilize proteins more effectively and enhances the ability of the body to produce more red blood cells. Together with other b vitamins, pyridoxine boosts production of antibodies and boosts the body immune system. Some of the best sources of this b vitamin include beef, chicken, beans, fish, enriched cereals and bananas.

Besides these, there are other b vitamins that weight loss surgery patients must ensure that they are taking in adequate amounts such as vitamin b12, vitamin b9 and vitamin b7. All these b vitamins are easily available in form of supplements.




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